Schema Therapy Institute of Australia presents online Schema Therapy training

starting from the basics to advanced skills

These workshops are designed for licensed therapists who practice under supervision.

To get the most out of these workshops

partner with a colleague to practice the skills taught

"Wonderful presenters, very engaging, very gentle, very respectful/encouraging excellent content."

Ruth Holt and Rita Younan are both Clinical Psychologists and experienced Schema Therapists, Supervisors and Trainers. They have worked in inpatient, hospital and private practice settings.

Rita Younan is the director the Schema Therapy Institute of Australia and is a certified Group Schema Therapist, who trains internationally in Schema Therapy.

Ruth Holt is a certified Schema Couples Therapist at the advanced level and is a Principal of a private practice in Canberra. She teaches and supervises postgraduate students and clinicians.

3 Workshops

6 modules in each workshop

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Schema Therapy for Chronic Axis I Disorders

There is growing research on the effectiveness of Schema Therapy for chronic depression and early work on other treatment resistant mood disorder presentations. This workshop will cover Schema Therapy formulation and treatment approaches for working with these presentations, including case studies, demonstrations and opportunities to practice skills.

Schema Therapy for Complex Trauma and Borderline Personality Disorder

This training incorporates Interpersonal Neurobiology, the Polyvagal theory, Somatic Psychotherapy, bottom up and top down approaches and the phases of intervention. This workshop builds on a general knowledge of Schema Therapy and provides opportunity to watch demonstrations and gain confidence in working with complex trauma.

Advanced Techniques in Schema Therapy: Rigid, Avoidant, Grandiose and Impulsive clients

There is strong research on the efficacy of Schema Therapy for personality disorders including research on ST with forensic clients. This training covers specific formulations for cluster B and C personality disorder, working with overcompensation coping modes, therapeutic stance and advanced Imagery work.

This training is based on live workshops. Each module gives you access to: