This course includes the complete workshop of 6 modules and focuses on extending clinician skills with difficult to treat client groups including treatment of:

Cluster C, specifically OCPD, Dependent &, Avoidant Personality Disorders
Cluster B, specifically Narcissistic & Antisocial Personality Disorders
Overcompensating Clients & specific “Fight Coping Modes” i.e., Overcontroller, Bully Attack & Self-Aggrandizer
Working with the specific child modes found in these presentations that can result in addictive and impulsive behaviours (using Imagery and mode role plays)
Advanced imagery techniques and mode dialogue work incorporating Healthy Adult Mode
Self-Care and Reflective Practice in working with this difficult to treat Clinical Population

This course bundles together all 6 modules into 1 package

More than 8 hours of video content including demonstrations and

interactive teaching

"The whole program was structured extremely well with a balance of presentations, discussions and dyadic work. Highly recommend."
"An outstanding workshop... thank you!!" 

Listen to Ruth and Rita discuss what to expect in this course